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My journey with CBD began with a loss of hope in prescription medications.  Four decades of trying to fight migraines and body pain by way of the prescription pad.  For years I had to also take medications to help with all the side effects from the meds.  But a change was needed, and the search for a more holistic solution was underway.

After conducting all my own research I started to find products that not only helped me with my migraines, but also gave me relief from my body aches & pains, as well as anxiety and sleep issues.  As I started to purchase and try different products I was finding that some products helped to give me relief but unfortunately some of the products didn’t help at all.  So I did more research and found that not all CBD is created equal.  The reason: what was listed on the bottle may not be what’s in the bottle. I found out that reputable companies have independent third party testing.  This way you are assured of the purity and MG dosage in the product.  Surprised at how expensive CBD products can be.  I wanted everyone to be able to feel as good as I was feeing without having to spend a fortune on CBD products.  

So along with my husband, Visions2Health-VisionsCBD was founded.  Realizing quickly how much time and money can be lost searching to find high quality CBD products.  We decided to create a "One Stop Shopping Experience" that allows you to benefit from the work we have done.  And all the work we will continue to do.  Putting together a product line chosen from the top companies in North America.  We screen to find the best products at the most affordable prices.  As products are found that meet or exceed our high standards they will be added to the shop.  If we wouldn't have it in our home, we will not put it in yours.

The companies represented on this site follow the strictest quality testing and standards.  Assuring that you will receive the highest quality CBD found on the market today.  Our partners must make your well being their top priority.  That's what we care about and that's what we do for you.

As we continue to grow,  we are constantly adding new and exciting products.  We are adding some of my favorite products from makeup, healthier cleaners for your home, laundry and coming soon....Woodstock Windchimes.  

VisionsCBD cares about you as a whole person-Mind, Body and Sight.  We want you to know we stand behind our products and believe they can help on your wellness journey.  It is time to make Wellness a Priority in your Life Come shop with us and see how CBD help you Feel Your Best Now.


Don't forget to sign up to be on our email list and we can send you announcements on new products, sales and upcoming events.  VisionsCBD does not and will not ever sell your email. So you know you are safe being added to our list.

Be Well, Be Healthy, Be Safe and Namaste 💕

~Danielle & Peter

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